Sunday, January 30, 2011

This life update is for Chelsea Bent, who checks my blog every day and is upset I haven't posted in a week

Please hold me accountable to blogging like Chelsea.  I really want blog as much as I can.  Just to practice writing for an audience.  I've been getting a lot of feedback from my friends and family via text and Facebook that y'all are actually reading and I LOVE that!  Chelsea brought it to my attention last night that I haven't blogged in forever.  Apparently Chels is my biggest fan; after deleting her Facebook account, my blog is her favorite way to procrastinate.

My noteworthy experiences this week:

Some people can't stand subway performers, but I happen to love them.  It's especially fun when they get on the subway and do their thing for a few stops before getting off.  When this guy first got on the train Julia and I laughed a little bit that he was getting his keyboard out.  So far, I've only seen dancers actually get on the subways, so we were interested to see what this guy had to play for us.  He surprised us when he started singing How Great is Our God.  We were both shocked.  It's extremely courageous to perform on a subway in the first place, but it's even more courageous to sing a Christian song on a subway in New York City.  This city is such a diverse place and home to so many religions, but religion is definitely not something that is talked about openly.  No one else was amused; we gave him some money just because his bravery amazed and inspired us. 

This January is the worst January New York City has ever seen.  And we're LOVING the snow!!! Julia and I were already in fantastic moods after our subway performer and the night turned out to be even more magical when we emerged from the station to "snowmageddon." I've never seen it snow so hard in my life.  Well, I've never really seen snow my whole life, but this crazy snow fall was pretty impressive.  There's nothing better than stomping around in a fresh blanket of snow.  We wrote on so many cars and stomped in all the clear patches we found from the subway station all the way home.  I didn't even care that I was soaking wet when I got back to the apartment!

The day after snowmageddon.  The picture to the left is my street.  There's one really brave person in that car... and obviously no one will be driving the cars to the right for a long while.  I can't even imagine having a car in a snowy area.  How much of a pain would it be to have to dig your car out of a mound of snow?  So happy Sheila is sitting safely in my driveway at home.  My little Jetta would freeze to death in New York.

My class took a field trip to the Museum of the Moving Image this Saturday.  The museum was highly interactive and SO FUN!  We made our own little movies using stop-action techniques and played around with movie soundtracks, etc.  They also housed many costumes and props from some of the biggest movies, like Marlon Brando's mouth piece from The Godfather.  This was by far my favorite.  There was a point in time where one of my best friends, Hayley, and I watched all three Godfather movies on a weekly basis.  We called this our "mobster phase," which all started with a documentary of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and ended with us reading every mobster book we could get our hands on and weekly Godfather screenings.  Naturally, I was ecstatic to see The Godfather's mouth piece.  AH-MAZ-ING! 

After the museum, Julia and I ventured into Central Park to go sledding.  Central Park is so beautiful.  It's like a winter wonderland.  I'm so obsessed with Central Park!  We hopped over the snow covered bench to go play in the perfect snow.  Again, there's nothing better than messing up the most beautiful, smooth patch of snow.  It's even better when you're knee deep in snow so you can walk in it and play with it simultaneously. 

We don't have sleds and figured cardboard boxes would suffice.  Our first time down the hill Julia made it no problem, but my box had a little difficulty and started to fall apart.

Some nice man offered to let us use his garbage bag.  Julia and I hopped on together and went FLYING down the hill!  We crashed at the bottom, but we had a blast!  We're currently looking into buying pool floaties (they look like the comfiest to use) so that we can go again next weekend, but I don't know how much luck we'll have buying pool floaties in January in New York.  At least we know a plain garbage bag works!

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  1. looks like you are having a great time out there! NYC's great and i will definitely be giving you a call the next time i am out there which may be as soon at June or July.