Sunday, January 9, 2011

Follow my experiences in the Big Apple

I think I'd like to legitimately start blogging.  Now that I live somewhere new and exciting it will be worthwhile to document my adventures.

For those of you who don't know, I'm in a program called Baylor Communication in New York (BCNY).  The purpose of the program is to allow Baylor students, specifically Film and Digital Media and Journalism and Media Arts students, to experience our fields outside the confines of Waco, TX.  There are 18 of us now living together in NY!  We are all taking two classes with Dr. Kickasola, doing an independent study, and working at internships in order to receive 12 credit hours.  We were all expected to find our own internships.

I'll be starting my internship with 5W Public Relations on Tuesday!  5W is a fairly new PR firm; it opened in 2003, but has already been named in the top 15 PR firms in the United States.  It was also named the fastest growing PR firm three years in a row (yeah, they mean business).  5W works within 10 different industries: consumer products, corporate communications, technology marketing, health & beauty (my industry!), travel & hospitality, food & beverage, lifestyle, entertainment & sports marketing, public affairs/government relations, and events marketing.  Some of 5W's bigger clients include: McDonalds, Barnes & Noble, Guitar Center, and Whole Foods.

5W is going to be such a great place to learn and grow professionally.  I'm so excited to start in a few days!

The Beginning:

I arrived yesterday afternoon and settled into my new apartment in Long Island City, which is about a 10 minute subway ride to Manhattan, if that.  In fact, you can see the beautiful Manhattan skyline from my window.
After unpacking my roommates, Katherine Anne, Julia, Lauren, our friend Anthony and I headed out for our first exploration of our surroundings.  We hopped on the F train and headed toward Astoria and got off two stops later.  We found a nice, cheap Thai restaurant.  After lunch, we all went home to rest up for our big night out for KA's birthday in Greenwich Village.

Today, my roommates and I slept in, hung around the apartment and ordered our groceries.  Yes, we ordered them.  Online.  I am totally loving the fact that I can get up in the morning and go "grocery shopping" on my couch in my pajamas.  Fresh Direct is probably the worlds greatest idea. 

How it works:

Once you create an account you're able to browse all the brand names you'd find in any grocery store.  You can read about what the condition of the produce, how long any fresh fruit or veggies will last, and you can even order your toilet paper to be delivered right to your doorstep!  The prices seemed reasonable, for New York, and there was only a $5 delivery charge.  Yes, I will pay $5 extra to save myself time from jumping around to different markets to find everything I need and carrying all my groceries back in the freezing cold.  It's probably the best $5 I spent all day. 

Julia and I decided to go find our offices today and tour the city.  It took us awhile to find 5W's new office on 7th Ave. (although it was right in front of us, we just weren't paying attention).  My building is right down from Times Square, how cool is that?!  We found Julia's internship (CBS) pretty quickly.  We then took a stroll through Central Park, which was covered in snow.  It was such a beautiful sight, I meant to take a picture, but Julia and I had our hands full with the delicious pretzels we bought from a street vendor.  

We had to make a stop at the Plaza Hotel on 5th Ave.  Julia is obsessed with the Eloise books, so of course we had to go to the Eloise shops in the hotel.  I never read any Eloise books as a child, but I'm sure I would have loved it.  Julia had a great time telling me about all the adventures the fictional character had while living in the Plaza Hotel.  It was so fun to see her reaction to all the merchandise in the store.  She ended up buying an Eloise mug.  It made my day seeing her so happy to relive part of her childhood. 

After such a busy day, all the roommates spent the night in.  I've had so much fun my first 24 hours and I'm so excited to see what opportunities await me in this electric city.  

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