Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A day of firsts

Today I had my first:

Day of work
I'm officially a working woman in New York City.  Today marked the beginning of my public relations career.  My whirl-wind day started at 7:30 a.m. after a sleepless night (I always have issues sleeping when I'm anxious or excited).  5W moved buildings sometime between my interview in November and now.  The new building is beautiful, and as I've already said, in the perfect location nestled between Central Park and Times Square.

Like most new jobs or internships, my morning was mainly dedicated to filling out paper work and reading the intern packet and handbook.  Everyone I met today was so nice and helpful.  I was also able to contribute a little today, which I wasn't expecting.  Usually, you just have to get all the administrative paperwork out of the way.  I'm still content with roaming around parts of the city that I have yet to encounter so  I welcomed the opportunity to run an errand out in the city.  I was also able to help with a clip book.  I headed home around 5:45.

Subway ride by myself without the help of Hop Stop
I don't know how anyone lives in NYC without an iPhone.  I use Hop Stop to get me everywhere.  It's so neat, it's like Google Maps for subways.  I never thought I'd be able to step on a subway without first double checking my Hop Stop to make sure I'm going the right way, but today I rode the subway a whole FOUR TIMES without once glancing at my phone.  Mainly because it was too cold and I couldn't bring myself to take my gloves off for a few seconds.  Now I know why most New Yorkers have BlackBerrys: you need warm finger tips in order to use the iPhone touch screen.

Encounter of a rude New Yorker
I couldn't figure out the intercom system trying to get into a building and the woman on the other end yelled at me :(

Day of class
Normally, our class meets somewhere on 28th, but today we met in the the "library apartment" on the 15th floor of our building due to the snowstorm.  We were all hoping class would be cancelled, but Dr. Kickasola doesn't seem to be (and proved not to be) a time waster.  We quickly went over the syllabus and played a get to know you game.  It was actually a lot of fun.  I'm looking forward to getting to know Dr. Kickasola more.



I can't wait to see what the city looks like tomorrow :)

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