Monday, January 24, 2011

Andy Warhol at the MoMA

I meant to post about the Andy Warhol event at the Museum of Modern Art last week, but I was trying to get ready for my cousin's wedding in Ft. Lauderdale and couldn't find the time to blog.

Last Thursday I started my day of becoming art by getting a spray tan.  With my cousin's wedding nearing, my ghost white complexion started to make me uncomfortable.  I've had a spray tan before, but I've had the kind where the machine sprays you.  To say that my first spray tan wasn't good is an understatement.  I had high hopes for this spray tan because I was getting airbrushed by an actual person.

I stood in this thing for about 20 minutes while some girl literally painted me tan.  Once it was all said and done I thought I looked pretty darn good.  My tan wasn't too dark or too orange and I was very happy with it.  They told me not to shower for 12 hours and to not wear any foundation.  When I got home I fell asleep on the couch for about three hours and woke up looking like a carrot.  No one told me that my tan would double in dark/orangeness in a few hours.  I was mortified because most of the kids in BCNY were planning on going to the MoMA for the Andy Warhol exhibit and I was orange. 

My roommates so kindly took to calling me Snooki :( I was SO relieved on Friday when 70% of my tan washed off in the shower and I came out looking Caucasian with a golden glow, which is what I wanted in the first place. 

Anyway, the Andy Warhol exhibit was really cool.  His motion pictures were on display upstairs.  He basically put people in front of cameras and told them they weren't allowed to smile or talk.  Sometimes he would leave the room so they felt even more uncomfortable.  Each $15 ticket allowed for a pass to the exhibit and a ticket to do your own screen test.  

The lines were really long downstairs for the screen test and, as Texans, we naturally made friends with the people standing in front of us.  One of the two guys was REALLY attractive (I'm only looking out for my roommates), but we later concluded the two guys were boyfriends.  And that under his hat, the cute one was balding, so unfortunately none of my roommates gained a boyfriend out of this random friendship.  We enjoyed talking to them nonetheless.  It's always refreshing to meet New Yorkers who will talk to us.  One of the hardest things to get used to is the fact that no one wants to talk to you.  Ever.  And I'm a talker, so I find silence awkward even between strangers.  

Apparently, every person who did a screen test was put up on one of the three screens projecting the movies, but we didn't see everyone go up in our group.   I went up though!  It was so cool!!


I can't say that I appreciate art as much as the other people in attendance, but I really did have a great time.  It just felt SO New York.  And I'm all about feeling like I belong in New York. 

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