Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm feeling so... cultured

Remember when I said I was going to start a legitimate blog?  Well, hopefully going three days without blogging still counts as legitimate.

That's besides the point.  Since my last blog post, I've been feeling cultured... or feeling like I will be cultured by the time the semester is over because of the few things I've done and have planned.

Last Friday night my roommates, the boys (the only four boys on the trip: the Kevin's (there are two of them), Logan and Anthony) and I went to the Campbell Apartment located in Grand Central Station.  For all of my Gossip Girl friends and readers out there, I'm sorry, but the Campbell Apartment has apparently been featured in Gossip Girl a million times.  I've been to Grand Central Station previously, but I don't think I really took in how beautiful it really is.

Everything is so elaborate and GRAND (go figure)!  It's moments like this that I think to myself, wow, I'm really here.  Sometimes the  mundane day-to-day tasks take away from the feeling of being in New York City, but you definitely can't feel that way while standing in the middle of Grand Central Station.  I'm hoping for many more WOW moments!

We were definitely the youngest people in the swanky Campbell Apartment crowd.  It was neat being there, but due to the fact none of us could afford anything, our time here was short lived.

Saturday my roommates and I had big aspirations to go do something touristy.  Instead, we slept and moped around until dinner time.  Want to know what we had for dinner?  French fries.  At Pommes Frites.  Pommes Frites only sells french fries and is known for it's many dipping sauces.  

As you can see, we had a lot of fries and a lot of sauces.  They were delicious, but I definitely was not feeling too great after the fact. 

Next time, one order of french fries with some real food will be plenty.  Still glad I went.  I LOVE french fries!

Sunday night we decided to venture into Astoria, which is known as the most diverse neighborhood in New York City.  More than 100 languages are spoken there and we've heard Astoria is home to some AWESOME restaurants.  We found a little Italian restaurant online that had great reviews, the Brick Cafe, and decided to try it out.  It was FABULOUS!  Dinner was amazing; we kind of went a little overboard, but when you're living off of PB&J one gorge meal a week isn't that bad.  Here are the crepes that Julia and I split.  SSOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDD!!!

Upcoming culture-y things the roomies and I are doing: 

Andy Warhol exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art on Thursday (look out for blog posting and pictures on Thursday or Friday!) and Swan Lake on February 17!

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